Current State of Flint

The city of Flint will always face some repercussions from the water crisis they faced. This public health issue has caused long term health issues for the residents of Flint. Including exposure to diseases and or death. With this water crisis it is found that “as in Flint not maintaining a clean and healthful environment; can cause threats that were caused by environmental contaminants, or lead that causes harm to the majority of children and pregnant women.(Butler)” Many people of this city were not prepared for this drastic disaster and still are not, they face many issues every day relating to this water problem. Some residents in this city were not able to get a hold of clean water but some where actually fortunate enough to count on the water treatment provided by the municipality.

Diseases Caused by Contaminated Drinking Water

Flints current status on how they are doing with the water crisis they are facing is not as bad as in the beginning, they are taking steps to move forward and help create a safe environment for the residents of Flint. The city has come a long way with the crisis it was facing. Flint has created a clean water source and has been able to distribute it to residents while offering filters to help clean the water and keep its residents a-little more safer. But the issue of the water crisis is still at large regarding the lead pipes that run through the city. It is founded “as the old adage goes, community water systems are an extremely efficient way to distribute a health promoting substance to a community at once. They are also an extremely efficient way to distribute a poison”(Butler). Water systems have many different results and from that the city ended up switching back to the Detroit water supply but the pipes were already damaged enough and continued to leak lead into the city’s drinking water. So the city of Flint is currently having all the lines inspected and the lead ones replaced. Flint has a-lot to overcome to beat these challenges that they are facing regarding their water supply and the health of their residents, but they are taking the steps to achieve their goal.






The present and future generations need water to be easily accessible and clean. Water is the essential building block to all life forms and needs to be readily available to all citizens right now and forever in Flint. Having this water issue on the way to be fixed allows a just sustainability of having a healthy living environment. In our water systems then and now page we discussed how a basic water system works in the modern world of Flint, Michigan. As well as how ancient water systems worked thousands of years ago. By providing this background education on Flint and how its water system runs now, are key ways to showcase how far the city has come as before and how to keep them up to date on what needs to be done to protect their city and supply of safe clean drinking water. The assistant superintendent of the water department I had interviewed highlighted that in order to keep up to date and plan for future generations all a water department needs to do is use the most eco friendly material such as pipes and to pre plan everything well ahead of time to create a plan for the future. “Preparation and research is the best outcome for someone in this field”.  If Flint is able to keep up to date with their water systems this will help ensure the safety of their people and to make sure they don’t let their water pipes get old and corroded. While preventing and stopping this water crisis from arising anymore.